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PostHeaderIcon Hafiz Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer

I have alhamdolillah done Masters in 10 subjects besides Bachelor of Engineering and Hifz of Quran.My Qualification details are as follows:


1- Masters in Psychology done in 2006 from Bahaud din Zikriyyah University

2- Masters in History done in 2005 from University of Punjab

3- Masters in Computer Sciences done in 2004 from U.E.T Lhr

4- MBA in2003 from Allama Iqbal open university a report needs to be submitted

5- Masters in Arabic done in 2000 from University of Punjab

6- Masters in Political Science done in 1999 from University of the Punjab

7- Masters in Islamiyat done in 1998 from University of Punjab

8- M.Phil in Media Studies in1998 from University of Punjab (thesis not complete)

9- Masters in English done in 1997 from University of the Punjab

10- Masters in Mass Communication done in 1996 from University of the Punjab

11- B.Sc. (Engineering) done in 1994 from U.E.T Lhr.

12- Hifz e Quran done in 1994 from Jamia lasorian walee

13- IELTS Band 7 done in February 2010


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