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After 9/11 Muslim world has been facing war against terror. We have to see who is terrorist in real sense? Thousands of Muslims have been killed by in this war in Iraq ,Afghanistan and Tribal areas of Pakistan .Every one need to check the data how many non Muslims have been killed by Muslims till now? Indian Army has killed thousands of Innocent Kahmiris. How many Hindus have been killed in India and Pakistan by Muslims? There is ban on Hijab in many European country but is there any ban on dress code of Nuns in any Muslim country.There is ban on minarates of Masjid in Switzerland .Have Muslims implemented any ban on cross of Church in any Muslim country????? Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam have been mocked in many Euorpean countries.The list of crimes of Muslims is that they:
1 Preach right religion
2 Talk against vulgarity
3 Raise voice against addiction
4 Protect dignity of women
5 Condemn Homosexuality
6 Are against Imperialism
7 Expose injustice and crimes against humanity


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Important Information about day of Judgement:


Every Muslim has firm belief in day of judgement and without having belief in this day no one can enter Paradise and can be saved from hell fire. In this article some important aspects of the day of judgement will be discusses

Names of Day of Judgement:

There are many names of day of the judgements mentioned in Quran:


1 AL-Qayamah(The Established One)

2 AL-Ghashiah(The overwhelming)

3 AL-Haqqah(The Truth)

5 Al-Qaria(The Striking hour)

6 Naba in Azeem(The Big news)

7 As-Sa ah(The Moment/Hour)

8 Youmul Jamee(The Day of Assembling)

9 Youumul Azifah(The Day that is Drawing Near)

10 Youmul Fasl((The Day of Sorting out)

11 Youmul Khurooj(The Day of Coming Out(Of Graves))

12 Youmut Taghabbun (TheDay of Mutual Gain and Loss)

13 Youmud Din(The Day of Recompense)

14 Youmul Waeed (The Day where of warning(had been given))

15  Youmul Hisab(The Day of Reckoning)




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Greed ,fear , jealousy and ego are four major enemies of truth whereas contentment ,bravery,neutrality and humbleness are four major friends of truth.Any person who want to follow the right path should avoid enemies of truth and should work hard to get closer to friends of truth.


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